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Volunteers are a large part of the Baltimore Herb Festival. For two hours of service, you will receive free admission to the festival and free festival t-shirt. Service begins on Friday, the day before the festival to clean the Chapel and grounds. Saturday, the day of the festival, service begins early at 6:00am assisting vendors, setting up tables, chairs, signs, and special tables. From 8:30am- 9:30am we are preselling tickets to our eager festival attendees and then selling tickets throughout the day. We are selling t-shirts throughout the day and tending to our vendors by providing bottled water and restroom breaks when needed.

Contact us: bmoreherbfest@gmail.com!

Volunteer opportunities:

Chapel Clean-up: Friday morning. Sweep the Chapel and front porch. Mop the Chapel floor with Murphy’s Oil Soap. Wipe down the alter and pews as well.

Clean-up Grounds: Friday morning. Clean the music venues (Gazebo and Outward Bound Center) and catering venue for trash and bird poop.

Direct Vendor Traffic: This is not as scary as you think. You will be directing the vendors as they drive their vehicles on the one way path in the park to their tents for set-up. All vehicles must be out of the park by 8:30am.The reason we do this is to assure that there are no traffic jams by having everyone facing the same direction on the path.

Table Drop: This is a very important duty. Vendors will line up quickly at two designed spots in the park to collect the tables to be set-up under their tents. Vendors have paid for a set number of tables. The person assigned to this duty will get a clipboard with a list of paid vendors with the number of tables allowed for each vendor. This person will have a walkie-talkie to call for assistance. City workers will have gators(golf carts) available to help transport the tables.

Set-up Booths:
Command Center Booth – Set-up tables and chairs; place and tape tablecloths to tables; unpack and set-up booklets, volunteers sign, and presized t-shirts; prepare coolers with ice and bottled water. Handout t-shirts to city workers and volunteers, who did not get them earlier in the week.

Ticket Booths – Set-up tables and chairs; place and tape tablecloths to tables; signs

Pinch & Smell Exhibit – Setup tables and chairs; place and tape tablecloths to tables; write name of plants on tablecloths; carry plants from Chapel to table with appropriate plant name; Place laminated card describing each plant in front of plants. (Master Gardeners will share this tent and will set-up their own space.) 

Set-up Tables and Chairs for Music and Catering Venues
Music Venue 1: Gazebo – Set-up 30 chairs around the gazebo area. Usually in groups of five. The chairs will move around, so don’t worry about placement too much.

Music Venue 2: Outward Bound Area – Set-up 30 chairs in the grassy area across from the stage. Usually in groups of five. The chairs will move around, so don’t worry about placement too much.

Catering Venue: Near Orianda House- Place 10 tables and tape tablecloths to tables; place 10 chairs to each table.

Presell Tickets: Many eager festival attendees arrive early and stand in line. To facilitate entry, volunteers with aprons and wristbands walk through the line collecting entrance fees and giving out wristbands. We let the early festival attendees in at 9:15am as a goodwill gesture.

Selling Tickets: Volunteers sit at the ticket tent collecting entrance fees and handing out wristbands. Wristbands serve as tickets. Shifts are as follows: 9:30am - 11:30am; 11:30am – 1:30pm; and 1:30pm – 3pm.

Selling T-shirts: Volunteers sit at the T-shirt tent selling t-shirts $20. Shifts are as follows: 9:30am - 11:30am; 11:30am – 1:30pm; and 1:30pm – 3pm. This tent also serves as Command Central, so in the early morning city workers and volunteers, who have not picked up their t-shirts will arrive. This is the staging area and drop of point for the vendor support wagon.  Also, volunteer sign-up will occur, so be prepared to ask for volunteers for the next year.

Vendor Support Wagon: Volunteers will the walk festival path with a wagon filled with a cooler of iced bottled waters and a “helpful basket”, stopping to introduce themselves to the vendors. The volunteers will ask the vendor is they would like iced bottled water, a restroom break, or if they need anything from our “helpful basket” (e.g. aspiring, Band-Aids, tape, markers, paper, etc.). When stepping in to help a vendor while they are taking a restroom break, the volunteer will only stand at the table and tell the customers that the vendor will return in a minute. They will not conduct business on the vendors’ behalf.

Clean-up: After the festival is over. The chairs are gathered and placed in one central spot at each venue for easy pick-up. The tables at the catering venue can be dismantled and placed in a group, signs gathered and returned to the Chapel basement, Pinch and Smell plants are gathered and placed near the Chapel.