2017 Lecture Schedule

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Pat Sherman
11 AM - Herbs Are Not Just Herbs

Get inspiration for ways to incorporate herbs into your life and garden from horticulturalist Pat Sherman, Head Gardener, Cylburn Arboretum. Herbs are more than just herbs! Herbs can be planted to attract pollinators. Many are so lovely they can be used as ornamentals in the garden and in mixed containers.  Use herbs as cut flowers.  Also consider using herbs as a repellents for unwanted insects and animals. Plants herbs for the kitchen. And plant herbs because they are wonderful in so many ways!
Michael Judd 12 Noon - Designing & Building Herb Spirals

Herb spirals can come in any size to fit any space, from an urban courtyard to an entire yard. You don't even need a patch of ground -- they can be built on top of patios, pavement, and rooftops. Herb spirals add instant architecture to your landscape that looks good year around. The spiral is like a snail shell, with stone spiraling up that captures the sun and stores heat for an extended growing season. The beauty of an herb spiral is that you're creating multiple microclimates in a small space. Learn the possibilities from Michael Judd, specialist in designing edible and ecological landscapes.
Ed Orser 1 PM - The Past and Future of the Winans Chapel

The 1850's Carpenter Gothic Chapel was built by Thomas Winans, wealthy Baltimore railroad builder.  His wife, Celeste, requested it for the religious needs of workers on this expansive country estate. Since 1987, The Baltimore Herb Festival has defined its mission as providing the necessary upkeep to preserve this architectural gem. Eight years ago the aging roof was replaced; now a major initiative is under way to address the serious deterioration of the exterior. The Herb Festival is the primary mover of the campaign but funds will come from many donors: City, individuals, foundations & corporations.

Historian Ed Orser will update us on needs and progress.
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