Herb of the Year: Viola

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The herb of the year for 2022 is viola, a plant whose cheerful colors seems to welcome spring. Both leaves and flowers of violets, pansies, and johnny-jump-up are edible. The leaves of violets (viola sororia) also have medicinal properties. Historically they have been used to treat colds, coughs, sore throats, and constipation. They are high in vitamin A and C and can be included in salads. The flowers are sometimes made into jelly and candy. Viola sororia is deer resistant.

The herb of the year is selected by the International Herb Association. Herbs chosen must be outstanding in two of three categories: medicinal, culinary, or decorative. Herb societies around the world work together to educate the public about these important herbs.

2019's Herb of the Year was Anise Hyssop
2018's Herb of the Year was Hops
2017's Herb of the Year was Coriander
2016's Herb of the Year was Pepper
2015's Herb of the Year was Savory
2014's Herb of the Year was Artemisia
2013's Herb of the Year was Elder