Celeste Winans Chapel

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Celeste Winans "To the north of the house at some distance away, is a neat little Gothic chapel. This was erected by Mrs. Winans before her death for the benefit of the tenants and servants of the place. She was a devout Catholic, and it is said took the greatest interest in the completion of the place of worship. She died soon after it was finished and the chapel has never had services held in it, as it was not consecrated." - Sunday Herald, Baltimore, 1894
Celeste Revillon, a Russian of French and Italian descent, married Thomas Dckay Winans in Russia on August 23, 1847. She accompanied him to Baltimore in 1851. Their daughter, also named Celeste, married Gaun Hulton, American vice-consul at St. Petersburg. Mrs. Thomas Winans died March 19, 1861, in her 33rd year. - Scarfs History of Baltimore City and County, 1881

In recent years, the chapel has lost one of its crosses to lightening, gotten a new roof, and been used for several weddings. The Baltimore Herb Festival, founded by Mary Lou Wolf, is held at Leakin Park every year to raise funds to maintain the chapel and the herb garden next to it for everyone's use.

The chapel is available for rental from the Baltimore City Parks Department (410-396-7900).
Chapel sketch
Thanks to the Friends of Orianda House for historical information and pictures.